Concluding Thoughts on Masechet Nedarim

One of the primary messages of masechet Nedarim is how negatively [most of] our Sages viewed the taking of vows. More often than not a vow reflected weakness of character and/or was taken in a moment of anger. The idea that one prohibits another from deriving benefit from oneself (a common type of vow) is playing G-d in the most negative of ways.

Nedarim 81: The Next Generation

Adam and Cain, Noah and Cham, Abraham and Yishmael, Yitzchak and Eisav. Our children do not always turn out as we would like. Even children who are great in their own right often chart their own paths, differing from even the greatest of parents[1].
“And why is it not common for scholars to give birth to sons who are scholars? - Said Rav Joseph, ‘That it might not be maintained, the Torah is their inheritance’” (Nedarim 81a). 


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