About Us

Who We Are

Torah in Motion brings Jewish history to life and tackles complex, socially relevant issues. TiM has become synonymous with Torah learning that is open, intellectually honest, and compelling.

What We Offer

Our tours, classes, conferences, and panels feature a diverse cross-section of renowned speakers addressing complex contemporary issues:

  • Attend an inspiring shiur in-person or via webinar or challenge yourself with one of our thought-provoking halacha or philosophy classes.
  • Browse our extensive library of MP3s on everything from women’s issues to conversion and from the agunah crisis to mental health.
  • Join our mailing list and receive perspectives on the parsha, ideas from daf yomi, or insights into ethics and education.
  • Renew your spirit at our annual conference or delve into the nuances of medical ethics at our annual retreat.
  • Travel with TiM to Europe and watch history come to life as we visit once-glorious centers of Jewish life or join us for an unforgettable adventure in South Africa or India.