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Rabbi Simcha Krauss

Rabbi Simcha Krauss received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh and Yadin Yadin from Yeshivas R’ Chaim Berlin under Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner; he also learned under Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and was a close student of the Rav. Rabbi Krauss was a Maggid Shiur in Yeshiva University's IBC program for over two decades. Rabbi Krauss has a BA from City College and an MA from The New School of Social Research, and served on the Political Science faculty at both St. Louis University and Utica College of Syracuse University. A highly regarded pulpit rabbi, Rabbi Krauss served for many years at the Young Israel of Hillcrest, the Young Israel of St. Louis, and Congregation House of Jacob of Utica, N.Y.

Rabbi Krauss served as the president of the Religious Zionists of America before his aliyah in 2005.