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Erica Brown is the scholar-in-residence for the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and director of the Jewish Leadership Institute. She formerly served in that capacity for the Federation of Boston. Erica did her undergraduate studies at Yeshiva University and continued her graduate work at the University of London and Harvard University. She was a Jerusalem Fellow and is a faculty member of the Wexner Heritage Foundation. She has been teaching Jewish adult education for sixteen years and has lectured widely in the United States, London and Israel in addition to extensive writing in journals of education and Jewish studies. She has chapters in Jewish Legal Writings by Women , Torah of the Mothers and Wisdom from All of My Teachers and writes a weekly internet essay on the Torah portion of the week. Erica is the author of the forthcoming book, The Sacred Canvas: The Hebrew Bible in the Eyes of the Artist . She currently resides with her husband and four children in Silver Spring, Maryland.