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Dr. Orit Avnery

Orit Avnery is a lecturer in Bible and  Head of Academic Writing development and Writing Center at Shalem College in Jerusalem. She is a research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute. Orit holds both a B.A. and an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received her Ph.D. in Bible Studies from Bar-Ilan University, where her dissertation was entitled The Threefold Cord: Interrelations between the Books of Samuel, Ruth and Esther. Orit taught Bible studies at Pelech High School for girls, Midreshet Lindenbaum and Matan Women's Institute for Jewish Studies. 

Orit's book Liminal Women: Belonging and Otherness in the Books of Ruth and Esther was published by The Shalom Hartman Institute and Keter Press in 2015.