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Dr. Moshe Koppel

Prof. Moshe Koppel is a member of the department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University. He studied in Yeshiva University and Yeshivat Har Etzion. He received his PhD in mathematics from Courant Institute and did post-doctoral work in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Koppel has published  many articles on Rabbinic literature, as well as two books, including a commentary to Masechet Kinim. He also co-founded and co-edited the journal Higayon, which is devoted to mathematics and halacha. His main areas of research in computer science include machine learning and social choice theory. His work on authorship attribution is used in commercial, legal and security applications and has been widely reported in the press. 

Koppel’s political activity includes co-drafting two proposed constitutions for Israel, including a joint proposal with Michael Eitan, formerly chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution and Law committee. Several laws that Koppel drafted have been passed by the Knesset. He is the founder and chairman of the Kohelet Policy Forum.