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Ketubot 66: Marrying for Money

While it may sound unromantic, marriage partners are chosen, more often than we might like to admit, for socio-economic reasons. While this need not negate the love a couple has for each other, it is no coincidence that more often than not, the "rich marry the rich". Our Sages well understood the economic aspects of a marriage, and in great detail, delineated the financial obligations imposed upon the husband upon entering marriage.

Ketubot 50: Practice Practice Practice

One of the most difficult, yet vital, tasks as we learn, is allotting enough time and effort for review. We all find the new more exciting, and oftentimes feel that if we spend our time reviewing, we are not progressing in learning. We may know that without review, we will forget; yet such does little to motivate us. It is precisely because the most effective time to review is before we have forgotten that makes review seem so superfluous and unnecessary. 

Ketubot 30: In the Hands of Heaven

Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book Outliers, demonstrates how so much of our success is a result of factors beyond our control. While in many areas—place of birth, our genetic makeup—this is obvious, he demonstrates the truth of such even in areas where we may not expect such. Factors such as our year of birth or even our birthday can have huge impact on our success.

Ketubot 2: We Would Like to Invite You...

Planning a wedding is no easy task. One must pick a date, hall, caterer, band, florist, and on and on it goes. For those living in North America (and I presume most everywhere else except Israel), having a Sunday wedding is most desirable. With no need to worry about people's work schedules, one can start and end a bit early. Those coming from out of town can fly in the morning making an afternoon wedding a viable option.


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