Naso: Theft From a Convert

The first chapters of the book of Bamidbar focus on readying the people to enter the land. The primary focus is on the physical aspects of entry; the census, the campgrounds, order of marching and the like. Unfortunately, the physical entry was to be delayed, and Sefer Devarim focuses once again on preparing the people-the children of those mentioned in Bamidbar-to enter the land. The focus there is on spiritual matters; ethics, morality, just society and the like. A nation ultimately is only as strong as its core moral values.

Nortel Justice System

The mention of Nortel Networks makes many a Canadian cringe. Once the darling of the tech world and the most heavily weighted stock in the Toronto Stock Exchange, today it serves as symbol of failure. The greatest insult to any company is to wonder if they are another Nortel.  The recent sale of its 6,000 patents marked the end of a company that once had a market capitalization of $398 billion dollars.

Noach: A Penny Saved

“Noach was a righteous man, perfect in his generation” (6:9). It is hard to imagine a greater endorsement than that which the Torah gives to Noach. Surrounded by a society steeped in evil, he towered above all. Man had sunk so low; murder, idolatry and sexual immorality (Rashi 4:26) were so rampant that G-d had had enough: “I will blot out man whom I created from the face of the earth” (6:7).  G-d did not do so only because “Noach found favour in the eyes of G-d” (6:8). Noach had apparently saved the world from the brink of destruction. 

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