V'zot HaBracha: Four Giants

“And Moshe was one hundred and twenty years when he died” (Devarim 34:7). It is a beautiful, if somewhat unrealistic, custom to offer blessings to those celebrating a birthday that they should live to be 120. While this quantity of life is (usually) unrealistic, the blessing to live to 120 relates not only to quantity, but to the quality of life; “his eyesight did not diminish and his strength did not wane” (ibid). 

Yitro: A Perfect Ten

This d’var Torah marks the beginning of the tenth year of emailing my divrei Torah. Time really does fly. I want to thank you for your ongoing comments, questions and critique. It is your feedback that gives me the impetus to write. It was nine years ago, the week of parshat Yitro, that Jack Samuel encouraged me email my divrei Torah. Thank you, Jack.
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