Shmuel David Luzzatto (Shadal): Modern Biblical Scholar and Traditionalist

Dr. Marty Lockshin

This presentation by Dr. Marty Lockshin continues the Torah in Motion series "The Thought and Worldview of Influential Jewish Thinkers."  

Shmuel David Luzzatto (also known under the acronym of SHaDaL) was an Italian rabbi, poet, grammarian and scholar of Hebrew letters. Among Luzzatto's many works are a study of Targum Onkelos (Ohev ger, 1830), commentaries (in Hebrew and Italian) on the Pentateuch and haftarot (1871-76) and several other biblical books, as well as pioneering studies on the Hebrew language and on Hebrew liturgical poetry (piyyut), the groundbreaking introduction (Mavo) to the Italian Machzor (1856), and philosophical works (Mozne tzedeq: Vikuach ‘al chokhmat ha-qabalah, 1852; Teologia morale israelitica, 1862; and Yesode ha-torah, 1880).