What We Talk About When We Talk About Jewish History

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Program Date(s): 
5:15 AM to 8:55 AM Sunday Mar 31, 2019
Leaders & Speakers: 
Dr. Marc Shapiro,
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff,
Dr. Leslie Klein,
Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

9:15 am

The Yeshiva World and Rabbi Hayim of Volozhin’s American Prophecy
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff
Shidduchim, Shandas and Shaping the Future: How Colonial Jews Helped Create the Modern Jewish World
Dr. Leslie Klein

10:05 am
The Curious Invention Named Modern Orthodoxy
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff
Rabbi Moshe Feinstein: Posek of America
Dr. Marc Shapiro 

10:55 am

A Pesach Seder in the Civil War: Celebrating Jewish Freedom on the Battlefield
Dr. Leslie Klein
Three Modern Rabbinic Forgeries and their Impact on the Torah World
Dr. Marc Shapiro 

11:45 am 
Contemporary Issues from a Historical Perspective 
A panel discussion with Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff, Dr. Leslie Klein and Dr. Marc Shapiro, moderated by Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

$10 in advance $15 at the door. Sponsorships welcome.