Understanding Selichot

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Program Date(s): 
9:15 PM Monday Sep 26, 2016
9:30 PM Monday Oct 10, 2016
Program Dates: 
Every day of Selichot for 15 minutes before Ma’ariv
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Jay Kelman,
Rabbi Elan Mazer
  • 9:15 Explanation of selichot
  • 9:30 Maariv
  • 9:40 Selichot

Join Rabbi Kelman and Rabbi Mazer (on alternate nights) for a 15 minute introduction to the selichot to be recited that evening - the origin, meaning and literary techniques of these beautiful yet rarely understood piyutim.

This informative program will help bring additional meaning to your selichot and runs through October 10, 2016.