Tisha B'Av Program 2014

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Program Date(s): 
12:30 PM to 8:30 PM Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Chaim Strauchler,
Rabbi Jay Kelman,
Rabbi Josh Gutenberg,
Rabbi Michael Skobac,
Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner,
Rabbi Noah Cheses

Torah in Motion sponsors programming for Tisha B'Av annually. Our program enables one to truly understand and feel the losses that we experienced, and sharpens our ability to focus on the mourning required on this day.

Morning Program, 8:30 am, Yeshivat Or Chaim, 159 Almore Ave., Toronto. Shacharit followed by kinnot.

Afternoon Program, 1:05 pm, Shaarei Shomayim Congregation, 470 Glencairn Ave., Toronto.

Suggested donation, $15

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Yeshivat Or Chaim:

8:30 am, shacharit followed by introductions and explanations of selected kinnot, led by Rabbi Jay Kelman.

Shaarei Shomayim Congregation:

1:05 pm, Orthodox Union/Yeshiva University movie presentation:

Making Tisha B’Av Relevant to Us Today

featuring Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, David Mitzner Dean of YU's Center for the Jewish Future; Rabbi Menachem Penner, Max and Marion Grill Dean of YU-affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) and Undergraduate Torah Studies; Mrs. Shoshana Schechter, assistant professor of Bible and director of the Mechina Pathways Program at Stern College for Women; Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director of the OU; and Rabbi Ari Lamm, a student at RIETS and the William Fischman rabbinic intern at The Jewish Center.

2:30 pm: mincha

3:00 pm: Loss and Law: How Halacha Mediates the Suffering of Mourning, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler

4:00 pm: Tisha B'Av and Tzom Gedalyah: Two Sides of the Same Fast, Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner

5:00 pm: The Relevance of Tisha B'Av After the Founding of the State of Israel, Rabbi Noah Cheses

6:00 pm: How Humility Destroyed the Temple, Rabbi Josh Gutenberg

7:00 pm: Encountering and Seeking Hashem in the Darkness, Rabbi Michael Skobac