Scholars in Residence: Dr. Zev Eleff, Dr. Leslie Klein, Dr. Marc Shapiro

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Program Date(s): 
4:00 PM Friday Mar 29, 2019 to 5:00 PM Saturday Mar 30, 2019
Leaders & Speakers: 
Dr. Marc Shapiro,
Dr. Leslie Klein,
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff

We look forward to welcoming Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff, Dr. Leslie Klein and Dr. Marc Shapiro March 29-31. 
Please join us for the many learning oppurtunites over Shabbat and Sunday.

At Clanton Park Synagogue
Shabbat morning derasha
Rav Kook As A Guide for Our Times
Dr. Marc Shapiro

6:15 pm (Mincha, 7:15pm)
Before There Was Dear Abby There Was Dear Abraham: Solving the Problems of the Jewish Immigrant Generation
Dr. Leslie Klein

Seudat Shlisheet
The Four Sons: From Ancient Times to North American Climes
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff 

At Or Chaim Minyan

Friday March 29, 6:30 pm. (Mincha at 7:00pm) 
Some Common Davening Mistakes  
Sushi will be served
Dr. Marc Shapiro 

Shabbat March 30
7:55 am (Shacharit at 8:45 am)
Torah, Technology and the Transformed Beit Midrash: A Historical View 
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff 

Devar Torah  
Nadav, Avihu and the Challenge of Youth in Postwar Orthodox Judaism
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff  

After kiddush (Approx 11:15)
Tradition and Innovative Change: Sarah Schenirer’s Life and Legacy
Dr. Leslie Klein 

Rambam and Superstition 
Dr. Marc Shapiro

6:15pm (Mincha at 7:10pm)
Non-Jewish Wisdom and the Rabbinic Mind 
Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff 

Seudat Shlisheet
Raising Expectations and Lowering Hemlines: The Revolutionary Shift in North American Girls’ Education
Dr. Leslie Klein


Join us Sunday, March 31 for Yom Iyyun 
What We Speak About When We Speak About Jewish History
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