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Rabbi Pinchas Rosenstein

Pinchas Rosenstein is the Director of the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem. In addition to managing the Center, he develops teaching programs, lectures to a wide variety of audiences and teaches academic programs in Jewish Business Ethics at the Jerusalem College of Technology.

He received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Harry Fischel Institute in Jerusalem and served as Rabbi of the Barnet Community in England between 1988 - 1996. He received his MA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from London University, writing his dissertation on Jewish Business Ethics.

In 1991 he founded the UK Jewish Association for Business Ethics (JABE) through which he worked closely with leading Anglo-Jewish business personalities. The JABE, through its varied and highly successful activities has succeeded in raising the profile and importance of Jewish Business Ethics within the Anglo-Jewish community.

Pinchas has lectured widely on Jewish Business Ethics to a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish audiences, ranging from Board members of Marks and Spencer, the UK's leading retailer, to academics, business people, professionals and dozens of communal organizations. He has appeared on UK TV and Radio, representing the UK Jewish community in debates on current ethical issues.

He is a member of the Israeli government's advisory committee on ethics in the public service. In 2002 he was invited by the US Department of State to participate in the prestigious International Visitor Program.

His business ethics expertise is supplemented by direct business experience. In the early 80's he worked for a London-based car export agency where he was a sales executive responsible for major Nigerian clients. This position was his first introduction to business ethics dilemmas and he encountered offers of bribes from potential suppliers and government issued letters of credit with built in kick-backs for officials.

He is currently also involved in Israel in his Family business which produces adhesive and insulation components for the electrical, electronics and hi-tech industries, where he has the responsibility for special projects.

He served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), is married to Naomi, has four sons and lives in Bet Shemesh.