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Rabbi Binyomin Weiss

Torah scholar and halachist Harav Yonasan Binyomin Weiss serves as the Chief Rabbi of Montreal and the Av Beis Din of the Rabbinical Court of Montreal.  Montreal is a city with a very large Orthodox Jewish community of diverse backgrounds and traditions, and Rabbi Weiss’ scholarship and demeanor have earned him the respect of all local communities. Rabbi Weiss, a native of the United States, served as a community rabbi in Bnei Brak, Israel for 35 years before arriving in Montreal in 2005. He is the author of the famous Nehorai Computerized Database on Refua Ve'Halacha and has lectured widely on issues of Jewish medical ethics. He is also known as an expert in end-of-life and infertility issues and is consulted about these topics by Rabbonim from across North America.