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Elana Stein Hain

After leaving Migdal Oz ('99-'00), Elana studied at Columbia University for four years, majoring in Jewish History. During that time, as now, she worked on behalf of Jewish causes both here and abroad. She went to Belarus to run a learning leadership program for teenagers under the auspices of YUSSR; she served as the assistant Head Counselor in Moshava, Indian Orchard, as well as Bnei Akiva's Torah Va'Avodah Institute (TVI), and she has participated in and led various Yeshiva University-sponsored kollelim in the United States. And, most recently, she founded the Beit Midrash Program in Camp Morasha, an active beis medrash for college students who wish to devote part of their learning time to teaching campers and staff.

Currently she is the full-time Community Scholar of Lincoln Square Synagogue. She is also pursuing her PhD. in Religion at Columbia University, where she has received her BA, MA and MPhil. Her proposed dissertation topic is: Legal Circumventions and False Impressions in Talmudic Law. She's excited to be in Toronto, home to her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins!