Travel Dates: 
July 13, 2016 to July 21, 2016
Leaders & Speakers: 
Dr. Marc Shapiro

Join Torah in Motion for a unique and intellectually inspiring trip to Germany designed especially by Dr. Marc Shapiro.

  • See how Berlin has emerged from its dark past to be a center of European life
  • Visit the medieval synagogue in Erfurt, Europe’s oldest surviving synagogue
  • Walk the streets of Frankfurt, one of Jewish history’s most important cities
  • Visit the great medieval Jewish towns of Worms, Mains and Michelstadt, home to so much important Jewish history
  • Visit the recently completed Jewish museum of Berlin

In addition to the special Torah in Motion educational and spiritual nourishment, the Journey Through Jewish History in Germany will feature:

  • luxury hotels in prime locations;
  • Three fresh kosher meals daily; and
  • expert local tour guides for sites of general interest.

Germany 2016 ITINERARY Highlights (subject to change) with Dr. Marc Shapiro

Wednesday 13 July Walking tour Jewish Berlin. Pre-war sites including Adass Jisroel synagogue, the center of R. Azriel Hildesheimer’s community, the old Jewish cemetery, the “Missing House and Otto Weidt’s workshop, where Jews were protected during the war.

Thursday 14 July: Berlin Berlin Victory Column, built to commemorate a great Prussian victory. Government and Parliament district, the Brandenburg Gate, new Holocaust Memorial, Hitler’s bunker, and the memorial to the book burnings. Visit what remains of the Berlin Wall, the famous Checkpoint Charlie, and the former SS headquarters.

Friday 15 July: Berlin Jewish Museum of Berlin Shabbat services at the Central Orthodox Synagogue in Berlin.

Saturday 16 July: Berlin Services at the Central Orthodox Synagogue. Walking tour including Kurfurstendamm, one of the most important avenues in Berlin.

Sunday 17 July: Berlin, Buchenwald, Erfurt Weimar area, Buchenwald concentration camp which opened in 1937 and caused so much pain for our people. 

Monday 18 July: Erfurt, Friedberg, Frankfurt City of Erfurt, the medieval synagogue (the oldest surviving synagogue in Europe) and other sites of Jewish interest. Friedberg where we will see a wonderfully preserved medieval mikveh. Frankfurt, a center of Jewish life in Germany from medieval times until today.

Tuesday 19 July: Frankfurt, both the Jewish and general sites. Tour the city center, seeing Roemer Square and City Hall. Walk to where the ghetto once stood and see where the important institutions of both the general Jewish community and the separatist Hirschian community were located. We will also visit the graves of some outstanding Jewish sages who lived in Frankfurt

Wednesday 20 July: Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms, Michelstadt Mainz, one of the most important medieval Jewish towns. While in Mainz we will visit the Gutenberg Museum, a wonderful exhibition of one of history’s most important inventions – printing. Worms, another important Jewish town where we will see the grave of the famed R. Meir of Rothenburg, who died in prison rather than allow the Jewish community to redeem him, and the so-called Rashi synagogue. Michelstadt where we will visit the synagogue and Jewish museum and learn about the great Baal Shem of Michelstadt, whose grave continues to be a pilgrimage spot for Jews.

Thursday 21 July: Frankfurt

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