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A Love-Hate Relationship: Gittin 23

The commandment to love and care for others, perhaps the most important in the entire Torah, while applicable to all is phrased in the context of one’s friend or neighbour. It is actually much harder to love a neighbour than a stranger. With the latter we have no complaints over loud noise from a barbeque party, overhanging trees and blocked driveways. 
Most of us like people in general, it’s just that when we actually interact with them that we notice their faults and may get into the occasional argument. 

Yevamot 25: Conflict of Interest

Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental norm of Western jurisprudence. This concept goes back until at least Talmudic times, when our Sages assert that all Jews have a chezkat kashrut, a presumption of honesty. Yet as human beings, we are inherently biased--"man is close to himself" (Yevamot 25b)--and, try as we may, we can never be 100% objective. Generally, such biases can be, at least from a legal perspective, ignored. However, at times the overwhelming power of self-interest can colour--consciously or not--our perception of the truth.

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