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Nedarim 8: Let's Learn

The mitzvah of Talmud Torah has a dual objective. First and foremost, one learns so one will know how to act: "an ignoramus cannot be a righteous person" (Avot 2:5). However, learning is so much more than a utilitarian function enabling us to perform mitzvoth. One can often learn how to do mitzvoth by observation without any formal education. Talmud Torah is primarily how we connect to the word of G-d, helping us to gain an understanding of the Divine and hence, of the human condition.

Some Introductory Thoughts on Masechet Nedarim

“Better is it that one should not vow, than that one should vow and not pay” (Kohelet 5:4). This truism, enunciated by Shlomo HaMelech some 3,000 years ago, is augmented by the generally held view that not only is it better not to vow if one will not fulfil his vow, it is often better not to vow even if one will fulfil their vow.


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