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Who is Wise?: Gittin 67

As a teacher one of my favorite parts of my work is parent teacher meetings. I (usually) find it most interesting talking to parents in general and hearing the comments their children have told them in particular. Yet one of the most frustrating comments for me to have to say and for a parent to hear is that “Chaim is very bright, and a good student - when he wants to be. He could achieve much better results if he only put in more consistent effort.” 

One is Enough: Gittin 6

One would not expect the laws of divorce to be affected by one's location. Thus it comes as a bit of a surprise to open masechet Gittin and read "one who brings a get from across the sea must say 'in front of me it was written and in front of me it was signed" (Gittin 2a). Such a declaration is absent when the get is being written and delivered in Israel. Why the difference?


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