Tzav: Time to Change?

Excitement and consistency: We tend to view these terms as contradictory. Man gets excited over discovering new things and views variety as the spice of life. Modern man is bored with a consistent routine and eschews the seeming monotony that accompanies lack of change. It is the new and exciting that we seek. Even investors find the “old economy” boring and are willing to pour billions of dollars into new and untested, but “exciting” companies.

Tzav: It's All in the Heart

Our tradition seems to have a somewhat ambivalent view regarding sacrifices. The Torah devotes many chapters to describing—in great detail—the intricacies of the sacrificial laws. Most major events in the Bible occur within the context of sacrifices: Noach embarking from the ark, G-d’s covenant with Abraham, the binding of Isaac, the Exodus, the Revelation at Sinai.

Tzav: Please Take Out the Garbage

One of the ideological revolutions of the Zionist movement was the notion of the inherent value of physical labour. Jews traditionally like to think of themselves as pursuing intellectual wisdom; earning their livelihood with their brains, not their hands. Zionism preached the concept of the holiness of manual labour, and through it succeeded in turning a barren wasteland into a land flowing with milk and honey.

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