yetzer hara

Pass the Pepper: Kiddushin 30

Our evil inclination is most powerful and capable of causing so much harm. So much so that when G-d saw “that the inclination of man is bad from his youth...He regretted that He had created man.” (Breisheet 6:5-6)
The yetzer hara ebbs and flows; at times it seems all-powerful and impossible to resist whereas at other times doing what is right seems so natural and simple. 

Sukkah 52: The Greatest Joy

“Whoever did not see the celebration of the drawing of the water (simchat beit hashoeva) has never witnessed joy in their life” (Sukkah 51a). The Mishnah goes on to describe the dancing, the juggling, the music, and more of these most festive days. In an astonishing display of dexterity, the Gemara records how Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel would juggle eight torches of fire, “and they did not touch one another, and there was no living being who could do this” (ibid 53a).

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