Re'eh: Man and Man

This week's d'var Torah is dedicated in honour of the upcoming wedding of Galit Sone and Adam Samuel. May they share much happiness and build a bayit ne'eman b'yisroel. Mazal-tov to the extended family. Beginning with the Aseret haDibrot, we often tend to classify mitzvoth as being either between man and G-d, or between man and man. While the interpersonal mitzvoth are also an expression of the Divine will, the distinction is a most relevant one, reflected in our attitude towards these separate (but overlapping) spheres.

We Have the Money

As summer approaches, day school parents will soon be getting notifications regarding tuition fees for next year. Undoubtedly, fees will—as they do each and every year—rise at two to three times the rate of inflation. This is to be expected as cost-cutting measures that may be employed in other industries can have little impact in a service industry such as education. Unless one wants to replace teachers in the classroom with some form of online learning, cost-cutting measures are just hard to come by.

Time to Share

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet recently announced the launch of the “Giving Pledge” campaign, asking that all billionaires in America donate at least 50% of their wealth to charity—and to publicly outline their intentions with a written letter—during their lifetimes or upon their deaths. On June 16th, four families took up the challenge, publicly announcing their intent to do exactly that. Eli Broad, pledging to give away 75 percent of his wealth, noted that "We agree with Andrew Carnegie's wisdom that 'the man who dies rich, dies disgraced’”.

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