From the West Side to the West Bank

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The Life and Times of a Rabbinical Renaissance Man
Program Date(s): 
12:30 AM Sunday Nov 9, 2014
Leaders & Speakers: 
Dr. Elliott Malamet,
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Shlomo Riskin is one of the most remarkable figures in post war Judaism. From his childhood in Brooklyn to his aliya and his becoming rabbi of Efrat, Israel, Rabbi Riskin revolutionized American Orthodox Judaism and also fulfilled the Zionist dream. In this very special dialogue with Dr. Elliott Malamet, you will learn about Rabbi Riskin's coming to Judaism as a teenager; his relationship with Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik; his becoming the rabbi of Lincoln Square synagogue at the age of twenty-three and his remarkable transformation and revival of Jewish life inside the synagogue and without; and his move to Israel in the prime of his rabbinic career in order to create a new world on Israeli soil. Don't miss this unique conversation with one of contemporary Jewry's towering figures.     

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