Tisha B'Av 2017

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Sponsored in observance of the shloshim of Meyer Zeifman, Yechiel Meir ben Chaim Yoseph z"l, by his children.
Program Date(s): 
9:00 AM Tuesday Aug 1, 2017
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Chaim Strauchler,
Rabbi Zev Spitz,
Rabbi Jay Kelman,
Rabbi Aviad Tabory,
Rabbi Effie Kleinberg

Torah in Motion sponsors programming for Tisha B'Av annually. Our program enables one to truly understand and feel the losses that we experienced, and sharpens our ability to focus on the mourning required on this day.

Morning Program, 8:30 am, Yeshivat Or Chaim, 159 Almore Ave., Toronto.
Shacharit and selected Kinnot with explanations by Rabbi Aviad Tabory and Rabbi Jay Kelman

Afternoon Program, 1:00 pm, Shaarei Shomayim Congregation, 470 Glencairn Ave., Toronto.

At Yeshivat Or Chaim, 159 Almore Ave, Toronto

8:30 am, Shacharit followed by introductions and explanations of selected kinnot, led by Rabbi Aviad Tabory and Rabbi Jay Kelman.

At Shaarei Shomayim Congregation, 470 Glencairn, Toronto 

1:00 pm, movie presentation:

Crossing The Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus, a powerful 30-minute film exposing the growing anti-Israel sentiment taking root on college campuses across North America.

Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference, hosted by former Harvard lecturer Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, examines the core character strengths that have enabled Israelis to overcome challenges and turn a barren desert into a flourishing nation.

2:30 pm: Mincha

3:00 pm: Tisha B’Av: The Festival of All Festivals, Rabbi Zev Spitz 

4:00 pm: The Uniqueness of Mourning on Tisha B'Av, Rabbi Aviad Tabory

5:00 pm: The Forest and the Trees, Rabbi Jay Kelman

6:00 pm: A Counterculture of Sadness, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler

7:00 pm: Did You Long For the Arrival of Mashiach Today? Rabbi Effie Kleinberg