Scholars in Residence: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder and Dr. Chaviva Levin

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Program Date(s): 
4:15 AM Saturday Oct 27, 2018
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Jeremy Wieder,
Dr. Chaviva Levin

Please join us as we welcome
Dr. Chaviva Levin and Rabbi Jeremy Wieder 
Saturday October 27, 2018

7:45 am: Parsha shiur (Shacharit at 8:30am): Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
Exploring Conflicts between Torah and Western Morality 

Devar Torah before laining: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder

After Kiddush: Dr. Chaviva Levin (approx 11:15 am)
What to Do with Something New?: Coffee, Coffeehouses and Early Modern Jewry

4:45 pm: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder​ (Mincha at 5:45pm) 
The Halakhic Foundation of Human Rights: Tzelem Elohim and its Implications for Halakhah

Seudat Shlesheet: Dr. Chaviva Levin
Teens Opting Out: A Modern Phenomenon?

All the above shiurim take place at the Or Chaim Minyan, 159 Almore Ave, Toronto Saturday night 8:15pm Dr. Chaviva Levin and Rabbi Jeremy Wieder  Ger veToshav Anokhi Imakhem - Are We Strangers or Citizens in Western Culture?
Private Home: Please email for details and to reserve.