Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Michael Hattin

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Thank you to Michael and Ophira Sone for their sponsorship.
Program Date(s): 
8:00 AM to 6:30 PM Saturday May 6, 2017
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Michael Hattin

Torah in Motion is delighted to welcome Rabbi Michael Hattin as Scholar in Residence at the Or Chaim Minyan for Shabbat, Parshiyot Acharei Mot/Kedoshim, May 6.



Schedule for Shabbat, May 6 at Or Chaim Minyan:

  • D'var Torah 
  • After Kiddush: "In the Shadow of Melacha: Why We Need Shabbat More than Ever"
  • Seuda Shlishit: "Prayer in 3-D: Making Room for Spontaneity"
  • Saturday night: "Unearthing the Menorah: Unexpected Origins of the Emblem of the State of Israel". Please note that the Saturday night talk will be held in a private home. Details will be provided upon RSVP at 416.633.5770 or by email at