Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Aviad Tabory

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Program Date(s): 
12:00 AM Saturday Jan 25, 2020
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Aviad Tabory

Rav Tabory will give the devar Torah before laining,

as well as the shiur after kiddush (approx 11:15pm) on the topic:
Our Hero in Damascus: Spying for Israel in Halacha 

and he will speak at seudah shlisheet on the topic:
From Father to Son: A Tribute to One of the First Zionist Roshei Yeshiva of North America 
Rav Aviad's father, Rav Binyamin Tabory z"l, served as the Rosh Yeshiva at Or Chaim and for many years as a Rebbe at Yeshivat Har Etzion.

All talks to take place at Or Chaim Minyan, 159 Almore Ave.