Returning the Torah to the People

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How Tanach Can Unite the Jews of Modern-Day Israel
Sponsored by Karen and Yisrael Dov Meyer in memory of their late grandparents, Jack and Pepy Eltes, z”l.
Program Date(s): 
3:30 PM Sunday Apr 22, 2018
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Benny Lau

Mincha at 7:15 pm

A complimentary recording of the program will be made available to all who register online. 
Registration fee is $10. Students and TiM Pass holders no charge.

Donors of $250 or more will receive 2 tickets and a complimentary set of The Sages (4 volumes).
Donors of $180 or more will receive 2 tickets and a complimentary book Jeremiah: The Fate of a Prophet.

Receipts will be issued to the maximum permitted by law.

The Sages is the first book to appear in English by the charismatic Jerusalem rabbi, Binyamin Lau. This fascinating multi-volume series explores the lives and times of the great Jewish sages (Hazal) - their teachers and disciples, their families and professions, the values they cherished and ideologies they opposed, the historical challenges they faced and creative wisdom with which they faced them. 

In Jeremiah: The Fate of a Prophet, Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau breaks down the Book of Jeremiah, rearranging its chapters according to historical events and the chronology of the prophet’s life. This groundbreaking reconstruction turns the biblical narrative from a collection of disjointed prophecies into a thrilling account of warring empires and nationalistic struggle, social decay and political intrigue, soaring hope and crushing despair.