Or Chaim Minyan Scholar in Residence -Sarah Gordon

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Sponsored by Sharon and Marty Goldberg in honour of the yahrzeit of Sharon's father Haskell Zabitsky obm Yechezkel ben Yerachmiel
Program Date(s): 
12:00 PM Friday Jan 22, 2016 to 7:00 AM Sunday Jan 24, 2016
Leaders & Speakers: 
Sarah Gordon

Friday night Oneg Shabbat (This session will take plance in a private home, please be in touch for details):

Leadership vs Followship: Are Both Needed? Comparing Miriam and Moshe to Devorah and Barak

Shabbat morning After kiddush 11:20am

Pro-Slavery Rabbis? Rabbinic Debates from the Civil War

Seudah Shlesheet 4:50 pm

Teaching Empathy to our Leaders: Elisha and the Isha Shunamit

Sunday Morning 10:20 am in conjunction with the Women's Midreset Yom Rishon Program of the Yeshiva University Beit Midrash :

Royal Repentance? Sin, Power and Corruption in the David Narratives