The New Conversion Courts: Opportunity or Division?

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Program Date(s): 
8:30 PM Monday Oct 19, 2015
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Seth Farber

The New Conversion Courts have generated muhc discussion. Please join us Monday October 19, 8:30pm when Rabbi Dr. Seth Farber, Founder of ITIM, who works tirelessly to help people deal with the Rabbinic bureaucracy will discuss the new courts.


ITIM was founded in 2002 by Rabbi Dr. Seth Farber to oppose the alienation that many Israelis feel at what are supposed to be the most significant moments of their lives as Jews: birth, marriage, divorce, burial, and conversion. The encounter with the religious establishment at these moments is often accompanied by fear, lack of knowledge, disgust, frustration, and anger.

To contribute to positive and significant encounters with Jewish life, ITIM helps people navigate the depths of the religious authorities’ bureaucracy in Israel, providing information, mediating, representing them, and working to simplify the process and solutions to complex problems.

Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of people, who have found a sympathetic ear in our outstretched helping hand.