Living a New Vision: The Genish Family’s Journey From Gush Katif to a New Life

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Program Date(s): 
11:30 PM Monday Jul 23, 2012 to 1:00 AM Tuesday Jul 24, 2012
Leaders & Speakers: 
Lt. Col. Zuri Genish
The Genish family lived in Alei Sinai, Gush Katif for 14 years. It was an ideal life. Then came the Disengagement in August 2005. Zuri Genish, father of the family of seven, took early retirement as an IDF Lieutenant Colonel prior to the Disengagement, and worked to try and stop it; but to no avail. In August 2005, the Genish family said good-bye to their home. They moved five different times during the first year. Over the past few years, family members have suffered from depression, trauma, emotional stress, financial strains. However, each one has learned to live with the trauma and carve a new path in life. Now, Zuri is a counselor with JobKatif. At the time of the Disengagement, Moran, Zuri's oldest daughter, was a top-notch student at University. She watched her marks plummet and her life spin out of control. She will share her personal story and those of her four siblings. This is one family's journey towards a new vision. A vision that JobKatif is helping the Genish family and others achieve. Ideal evening for families.

** The Genish Home in Alei Sinai on the Day of the Disengagement: brief film

** Destruction to Rebuilding Lives: brief film about JobKatif

** Personal stories from Zuri and Moran Genish

** Question and answer session