Joseph, Esther, and Daniel

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Three Approaches to Living in Exile
Program Date(s): 
5:15 AM Sunday Mar 17, 2019
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Zvi Grumet

Rabbi Grumet will also speak as Scholar in Residence at the Or Chaim Minyan on Shabbat, March 16, on the following topics:

7:45am (Shacharit at 8:30am)
Is the Torah in Order, and What Difference Does it Make?

D’var Torah:
ריח ניחוח : What Smells so Good?

Shiur after Kiddush (Approx 11:10:pm) 
The Evolution of Mordechai and Esther 

5:55 pm (Mincha at 6:55pm)
Four Models of Jewish Leadership

Seudah Shlisheet:
Where Have All the Children Gone? Reflections on a Recent Survey of Graduates of Yeshiva High Schools