Daf Yomi

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A Daily Page of Talmud Podcast
Program Date(s): 
12:00 AM Friday May 8, 2020
Program Dates: 
Daily until March 8, 2020
Leaders & Speakers: 
Rabbi Jay Kelman

Rabbi Jay Kelman is giving a Daf Yomi shiur over the course of masechet Brachot at the Or Chaim Minyan, 159 Almore Ave.

Sunday nights after Mincha/Maariv
Monday-Thursday 8:45-9:30pm followed by Maariv
Friday afternoon 45 minutes before Mincha
Shabbat between Mincha and Maariv

You can listen to the shiurim here.

To read Rabbi Kelman's Thoughts From The Daf, please see here.