Jewish Medical Ethics 2016 -Selected topics in JME (session 1)

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg,
Rabbi Dr. Reuven P. Bulka,
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt,
Dr. Ira Bedzow
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7:00 -9:15 pm Introductory Plenary Session
700-7:10 – Welcome & Introduction- Rabbi J. Kelman & Dr. Lazer Friedman
7:15-7:45 - Triage in a terrorist attack– Halachik & ethical issues - Rabbi A. Steinberg MD
7:45-8:15 - Why don’t Jews donate organs? - Rabbi Dr. R. Bulka
8:15-8:45 –Zika: Can I go to Rio to compete in the Olympics: Halachik implications - Rabbi A. Glatt MD
8:45-9:15 - Is Jewish Medical Ethics Relevant for Today’s Doctors? – Dr. I. Bezdow

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