High Holiday Synagogue Blues

September 21, 2011 By: Dr. Elliott Malamet Category: Speaking Out: Dr. Elliott Malamet
Rosh Hashanah, Day of Judgment, Book of Life and Death, flocks of sheep passing before the Creator. But the kids are saying, "Do we really have to go to synagogue? To sit for hours and be bored? To watch the parade of new fashions? To mumble prayers that we don't understand? What for?" Parent shuffles the deck and responds, "You have to go to shul. That's what all Jews do on Rosh Hashanah. It's our tradition." On the surface there seems to...
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We Are All Falling

September 15, 2011 By: Dr. Elliott Malamet Category: Speaking Out: Dr. Elliott Malamet
Our lives do not follow a straight line. They turn and then turn again. This re-turn (known in Jewish tradition as teshuvah, also translated as repentance) plays out ritually and halakhically in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.   The two holidays, so close together in the calendar, are quite different in temperament and symbolism. Rosh Hashana celebrates beginnings. In the words of the liturgy...
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The Value of Uncertainty

September 15, 2011 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman Category: Money Matters
The stock market hates uncertainty. This helps explain the wild gyrations of the markets, unable to “decide” whether we are headed for a double-dip recession or whether the trillions in corporate profits are a reflection of the good times ahead. Is it the millions of North Americans looking for work or standing in line to buy the latest iPhone that are the true indicator of our collective economic shape? The fact that the news of both groups is...
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Ki Teze: The Story Behind the Law

September 10, 2011 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman Category: Parsha Thoughts: Rabbi Jay Kelman
A legal brief and a good story are two very different forms of writing. We have even coined a term, legalese, to note the distinct writing style employed by many a lawyer. The departments of law and literature usually have little to do with each other. Such is not the case with the Torah. Narrative often serves as the backdrop to the law, shedding light on its deeper meaning. Narrative tells us how we should live, while...
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September 08, 2011 By: tim
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