Money Matters

An 'A' for Effort

November 30, 2010 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
One of the key aspects of the world of business is the crucial importance of the bottom line. And that is the way it should be. The primary—and some would argue, only—goal of business is to make money, or as Milton Friedman famously noted, “the business of business is business”. It is not the role of the private, profit-driven sector to address social needs, crucial as they may be. That is the role of government, private philanthropy and the non...
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Good Luck, Mr. Mayor

November 01, 2010 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
In electing Rob Ford as mayor, voters in the city of Toronto have voted for change. Our mayor-elect has been most forthright in his plan of action, with a focus on the need to cut city spending. Yet despite the wide margin of victory and solid mandate from the voters, it is far from clear how much of his agenda he will manage to implement. Unlike our federal and provincial parliamentary systems, where leaders are able (for better or worse) to...
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The Morning After

September 02, 2010 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The High Holiday period is one (we hope!) filled with introspection, reflection and a commitment to try to become a better person. Our religious antennae are at their highest point as we spend the day in prayer and fasting. For many, it is the only time of the year that any significant amount of time is spent in communal prayer. It is a day in which we focus on the fragility of life, remembering those who are no longer and pleading that we be...
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Time to Share

July 05, 2010 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet recently announced the launch of the “Giving Pledge” campaign, asking that all billionaires in America donate at least 50% of their wealth to charity—and to publicly outline their intentions with a written letter—during their lifetimes or upon their deaths. On June 16th, four families took up the challenge, publicly announcing their intent to do exactly that. Eli Broad, pledging to give away 75 percent of...
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The Appeal of a Teacher

August 25, 2009 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Issues of church and state—especially in the United States, with its constitutional separation of these two realms—are always controversial, often fascinating, and at times trailblazing.As briefly reported in this newspaper (August 20), a fascinating case is set to be heard by the New York State Appellate Court. At issue is the degree, if any, to which the secular courts may intervene in rulings of a beit din (religious court). What was the...
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