Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo: A Covenant of Love

September 12, 2014 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
With less than two weeks until Rosh Hashanah, the theme of teshuva begins to take centre stage. While the cycle of Torah reading--and for that matter, the obligation of public Torah reading itself--is only rabbinic in nature, the parshiot at the end of Devarim mesh nicely with the themes of the Yamim Noraim. Moshe Rabbeinu's focus in these last few parshiot is to get the nation ready for entry into a new...
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Ki Tavo: Real Estate Talk

August 23, 2013 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The central aspect of the Pesach seder is the mitzvah of sippur yetziat mitzraim, retelling and reliving the Exodus experience. The Rabbis chose, as the central text to tell the story, that of the farmers' recital of thanksgiving as he fulfilled the mitzvah of bikkurim. The Torah requires the bringing of the first fruit of the seven species indigenous to the Land (wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olive oil and...
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Ki Tavo: What a Waste!

September 07, 2012 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Man has an innate desire to see the fruit of his own efforts. When life's blessings are handed to one on a silver platter, those blessings are robbed of much of their meaning. This explains the well-known phenomenon in which children of very successful parents want to strike out on their own, gaining their own sense of accomplishment. Though their success can often be attributed to the support and the safety net of successful parents,...
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