Korach: Choose Wisely

June 19, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
This week's d'var Torah is dedicated in honour of my father Rabbi Joseph Kelman z"l whose yahrzeit is this week. May his memory be for a blessing.  --JHK  It often takes a crisis to bring people together. The greater the crisis, the greater the sense of unity. Countries at war generally unite around their leadership, and issues that caused great public debate are quickly pushed to the back burner....
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Korach: Some Are More Holy Than Others

June 07, 2013 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The survival of the Jewish people in the desert was a direct result and only possible because of Divine intervention: the splitting of the sea; water from a rock; living on manna from heaven; clothes that did not wear out; and snakes and scorpions being kept away. The Jewish people were passive recipients of Divine favour, with no worries about survival. In many ways, life in the desert resembled life in Egypt, where all their needs were also...
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Korach: Honour the Enemy

June 23, 2006 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The name Korach is synonymous with Machloket shelo leshem shamoyim, arguments that are not for the sake of heaven. As we read how Korach and his rebel rousers were killed by G-d, exactly as Moshe had predicted, no doubt many feel gleeful as those "who gathered together against G-d" (16:11) receive their due. Yet Judaism demands a much more nuanced approach. True, we must eradicate evil; but we must never confuse evil with evildoers. All...
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