Balak: Dwelling Amongst the Nations

July 04, 2014 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Perhaps no greater question has vexed the Jewish people as that of our relationship with the nations of the world. Should it be one of integration? Assimilation? Separation? Acculturation? Ghettoization? Should we embrace or reject the world around us? For much of our history, we did not have the luxury to debate this question; the nations of the world made sure that we were a nation that dwelled apart. Thankfully, Jews today can choose whether...
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Balak: Religious Wars

June 21, 2013 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
This week's d'var Torah is sponsored by Golda Brown in honour of the yahrzeit of her son, Moshe Chanoch Brown Krakowsky, z"l. May his memory be for a blessing. It is rare that people fear mere numbers of Jews. Instead, it is our ability to do so much with so little that makes many view us as Goliath, as opposed to David. People often conflate quality with quantity, and it not uncommon for...
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