Kedoshim: The Path to Holiness

May 04, 2012 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Our tradition asserts that there are 613 mitzvoth in the Torah. Among these 613 are such beautiful concepts as proper treatment of the stranger and the prohibitions against gossip, taking revenge, and giving bad advice. Yet many of the mitzvoth are things that, had G-d not commanded them, we would consider trivial—commands such as not to wear a garment of mixed wool and linen, or to put salt on our sacrifices.Even stranger, some of the most...
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Kedoshim: Seeking Holiness

April 30, 2011 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The line between greatness and failure is so small as to be unrecognizable, often revealing itself only after many years. This is true in the world of business, science, technology and the like, where the results of today's efforts can remain unknown for many years. It is equally true in the world of morality, where it is often most difficult to determine if a particular action is a great mitzvah or its opposite.One must be cognizant not only of...
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Kedoshim: Theory and Practice

May 02, 2009 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
One of the cardinal principles of Judaism is the belief in the Divine origin of our Bible. While Moshe Rabbeinu was the greatest of human beings, his input into the wording of the Torah is minimal at best. In this regard, Moshe was not more than a recording secretary, faithfully transcribing the word of G-d.Yet while G-d is the author of the Torah, He has no say in its development and application in day-to-day life. Lo Bashamayim hee,...
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