Mikketz: In G-d We Trust

December 15, 2017 By: rabbi jay kelman
How unfortunate when man must put his fate in the hands of other men. “And the warden had placed all the prisoners in the dungeon under Yosef’s charge. Yosef took care of everything that had to be done” (Breisheet 39:22). In the depths of the prison dungeon Yosef had risen to the top. He correctly interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker. All that Joseph asked was to “do me a favour and say something about me...
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Mikketz: Counting on Charisma

December 30, 2016 By: rabbi jay kelman
Yosef was a most charismatic figure. How else to explain the appeal he had to so many people? The Torah wastes little time in telling us that, both in Potiphar’s home and in jail, he immediately found favour in the eyes of his bosses. It is hard to believe his work ethic alone got him such quick promotions. His personality must have radiated competence and leadership. We should not be surprised that Potiphar’s wife would be...
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Mikeitz: Royal Politics

December 19, 2014 By: rabbi jay kelman
Yosef was a most charismatic person. He was young, attractive and as the Torah tells us on three occasions, he was an ish mazleach, a successful man. His rise to power, both in the house of Potiphar and in Pharaoh’s court, was meteoric. Even in jail, the wardens quickly appointed him to a position of authority. Yet charisma can go only so far – especially in a highly controlled political system. It is hard to fathom how Pharaoh,...
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