Chayei Sarah

Chayei Sarah: Like Mom and Dad

October 25, 2013 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
“And Yitzchak brought her to the tent of his mother; and he took Rivka, and she was for him a wife, and he loved her; and Yitzchak was consoled after his mother” (Breisheet 24:67). The contrast between the description above with that of Yaakov meeting his wife could not be more striking. “And when Yaakov saw Rachel, the daughter of Lavan, the brother of his mother...and Yaakov came forward, and he moved the stone from atop...
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Chayei Sarah: Moving to Hebron

November 18, 2011 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
This week's dvar torah is being sponsored by Nolene and David Maresky and family in memory of  Rina and Shim Maresky, and Jack Epstein z"l. "And Sarah died in Kiryat Arba, that is Hebron, in the land of Canaan" (23:2). Sefer Breisheet is the book of life, focusing on the creation of life in all of its forms. Much of parshiot Breisheet and Noach is taken up by seemingly meaningless lists of names of those who were born and helped to...
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Chayei Sarah: Beyond Death

November 02, 2007 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Our patriarchs and matriarchs did not have easy lives. Each faced problems of famine, of wandering from place to place, of foreign rulers, and of course, problems with their children. Our founding mothers and fathers often disagreed, sharply at times, on the most basic of decisions relating to the raising of their families. The dispute between Abraham and Sarah as to the place of Yishmael in their household was so fierce that G-d had to...
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Chayei Sarah: Growing Old, Staying Young

November 25, 2005 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
"And Sarah lived one hundred years, twenty years and seven years; these are the years of Sarah's life”(source).A famous rabbinic comment elucidating the triple expression of years teaches that Sarah maintained her stunning beauty, intuitive wisdom and sinless innocence throughout her life. Furthermore, the seemingly superfluous ending of the verse “these are the years of Sarah’s life” teaches, in the words of Rashi, that her years "were...
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