Bava Metzia

Bava Metzia 76: I Love My Job

December 27, 2016 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
“’For they are My slaves’ (Vayikra 25:55) – and not slaves to My slaves” (Bava Kamma 116b). Our Sages understood that the employer-employee relationship is in some ways akin to that of master and slave. An employee “sells” his time and gives his boss the right to tell him what to do, how to do it and when to do it. In order to ensure that an employee is not truly enslaved – even under the best of...
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Bava Metzia 75: In Man We Don't Trust

December 22, 2016 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Jews pray three times a day to be blessed with material wealth. Yet precisely because so much good can be done with money, it can be a great source of tension, friction and worse[1]. The challenge of wealth – to our character, our sensitivity, our modesty – can be greater than the challenge of poverty; excessive wealth is all too often a great curse. There is no need to elaborate how many families have been torn apart over money...
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Bava Metzia 72: I Want to Be a Rich Man

December 20, 2016 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
People convert to Judaism for all kinds of reasons. Ideally, one may accept only those who convert due to a love of Judaism; those who see the beautiful and eternal truths of Judaism. In reality, many who convert do so for some type of ulterior motive – most commonly because they have fallen in love with a Jew[1]. Yet few and far beween are those who convert to save money. Being Jewish means additional, not fewer, expenses; kosher...
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Bava Metzia 65: Sale Ends Today

December 18, 2016 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
One of the unique features of the prohibition of charging interest is that the prohibition cannot be waived by the debtor. Whereas Jewish law allows one to waive his monetary rights, charging interest is, as we discussed here, primarily a mitzva between man and G-d which man has no right to waive. While I may offer a customer a huge discount or allow one to pay the purcahse price over time, one may not charge interest on those monthly payments ...
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Bava Metzia 62: Your Money and Your Life

December 15, 2016 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
The word damim in biblical Hebrew means both blood and money. Lo ta’amod al dam reacha (Vayikra19:16) means not only may we not stand idly by while our brothers’ blood is being spilled we may also not stand idly by while our brothers’ money is being ‘wasted’. It is why one may, nay is obligated to, speak what would otherwise be lashon hara to prevent financial harm to another. The...
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