Ketubot 62: Time Together

April 12, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Finding the proper balance between work and family is a challenge that man has been dealing with since the beginning of time. There never seems to be enough time to do all that needs to be done. In our daily rush and attention to our multifold duties, we often neglect those most close to us.  The Torah, most brilliantly, has a specific obligation of onah. While popularly known as the obligation of...
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Ketubot 50: Practice Practice Practice

March 30, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
One of the most difficult, yet vital, tasks as we learn, is allotting enough time and effort for review. We all find the new more exciting, and oftentimes feel that if we spend our time reviewing, we are not progressing in learning. We may know that without review, we will forget; yet such does little to motivate us. It is precisely because the most effective time to review is before we have forgotten that makes review seem so superfluous and...
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Ketubot 49: Family Support

March 25, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
  The increasing age for marriage coupled with the high cost of housing has led to a situation of more and more children in their 20's and beyond living at home. The financial responsibilities of these working children is often a most sensitive issue with many parents uneasy about charging rent to their children. While it is a given for parents to support their children at a minimum through their high school years - and for most...
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Ketubot 47: The New Family

March 24, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Our conception of the family unit has undergone revolutionary changes in the last few years. It should come as no surprise that norms of today often stand in stark contrast to the family unit of Biblical and Talmudic times, descriptions of which are spelled out both explicitly and implicitly in Masechet Ketubot. As we learn Ketubot, there is much occasion to discuss how these traditional norms are to be applied--or not--in our most modern...
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Ketubot 33: Worse than Death!

March 15, 2015 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
"One should be as careful with a light mitzvah as with a heavy mitzvah" (Pirkei Avot 2:1). Not every mitzvah is created equal. While all emanate from G-d at Sinai, some mitzvoth are more important (heavy) than others (light). Shabbat is, for example, more important than kashrut, and Yom Kippur is more important than Tisha B'av[1].    One of the primary ways we can tell which mitzvoth are more important is by seeing what...
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