Yevamot 4: Conflicting Mitzvot

October 13, 2014 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Life is full of conflicts, contradictions, and challenges ,and it is our task to mediate them as best possible. Torah, our guide to life, is similarly full of conflicts, contradictions[1], and challenges. We will discuss just one such general conflict; that of a positive mitzva that conflicts with a concurrent negative mitzvah. The mitzva of yibum by definition involves an act that, if not for the specific command of the...
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Yevamot 2: Yours to Discover

October 08, 2014 By: Rabbi Jay Kelman
Masechet Yevamot opens by listing the fifteen women who "exempt their co-wives and the co-wives of their co-wives from chalitzah and yibumad infinitum" (Yevamot 2a). Under normal circumstances, when a man's brother dies childless, a surviving brother must either marry the widow (...
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