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Student Employment Opportunity: 7-10 hours a week

Torah in Motion is a not-for-profit educational organization that delivers teaching and learning opportunities worldwide via live events, web-based distance learning, and Journeys through Jewish History

We organize and produce dynamic and thought-provoking programming, conferences, speaker’s series, and educational seminars that address critical issues within contemporary Judaism.  


About you:

-  excellent interpersonal skills, great attitude and unquenchable appetite for learning; 

Re'eh: Springtime

"Guard the month of the spring and make Pesach to the Lord your G-d, because it was in the month of the spring that the Lord your G-d took you out of Egypt at night" (Devarim 16:1). Based on this verse, our rabbis derived that we must fix our calendar so that Pesach always falls in the spring. Our holidays celebrate both momentous events in Jewish history and the blessing of agriculture, acknowledging that the G-d of Creation and  the G-d of History are one--a point many in the ancient world did not accept.

Free MP3!

We are offering a free download of the mp3 recording of our recent program, The Agunah Crisis: New Opportunities to Solve an Old Problem. To download this mp3 absolutely free, please click here and add to basket. 


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