I Don't Know You: Kiddushin 65

May 23, 2016 By: rabbi jay kelman Category: Thoughts from the Daf
In our last post we discussed the unusual situation, to say the least, of a father or even the daughter herself being unable to recall to whom the girl was betrothed. But what about a case where we know who the husband and wife may be but the couple can't agree if they were betrothed? "One who says to a woman I betrothed you and she says you did not..." (Kiddushn 65a)   As is typical of the Talmud the discussion...
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Emor: The Animal Kingdom

  When we think of the most important parts of the Torah we may think of the aseret hadibort, the shema or the mitzva to love your neighbour as yourself.    These sections of the Torah are most noticeable and given with much fanfare; the discussion between G-d, Moshe and the Jewish people as they prepared for Sinai, the call to holiness and the gathering together of the people as the...
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Who Did I Marry?: Kiddushin 63

May 19, 2016 By: rabbi jay kelman Category: Thoughts from the Daf
  You have to wonder sometimes about the strange relationships between parents and children. While parents may not always know where their children are, and while they may at times mix up the names of their children, it is hard to imagine a parent not recalling exactly whom their children may have married. Hard, but apparently not impossible.   “I betrothed my daughter but I do not know to whom I betrothed her[1].” (...
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Come Work for Me: Kiddushin 59

May 17, 2016 By: rabbi jay kelman
A poor person who is examining a piece a cake and another comes and takes it from him is called evil.” (Kiddushin 59a) All legal systems require that goods be legally transferred and deals become binding only when a formal mode of acquisition is made. In Jewish law - and these laws are discussed in the first chapter of Kiddushin - one acquires movables when we they are physically take them into one's possession[1] whereas land can...
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Let Him Have It: Kiddushin 59

May 15, 2016 By: rabbi jay kelman Category: Thoughts from the Daf
If you are going to have someone do work for you it's probably best to ensure they have your best interests at heart. "One who says to his friend go a betroth a woman and he goes and betroths her to himself, she is married to the second one" (Kiddushin 58b). While the agent may have lost a friend he does gain a wife [1].    Yet what is legal is not necessarily moral. "What he did was done but he...
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